Players, CSD and Federation sign peace with an applause for Jenni Hermoso: "It’s a happy day, but it should never have come"

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“It’s a joyful day, but it should never have come.” That phrase from the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Victor Francosis the best summary of the agreement that was signed this Monday by the body he presides over, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the women’s team to create the Joint Commission on the agreements reached after the Oliva concentration, last September.

In an event at the foot of Field A in the Las Rozas Soccer Citywhere the set of Montse Tomé To face the Nations League matches against Italy and Switzerland, the start of a commission was staged, which met minutes after ratifying the signature.

The 23 summoned for this concentration were present at the signing, the interim president of the RFEF, Pedro Rocha, and the aforementioned Francos. The top leader of the CSD has congratulated himself on the fact that “among adults” they have been able to respond to a complicated situation. “It is the beginning of a path of dialogue and more changes,” said Francos, who described the day as “one of the happiest of his mandate” after the victory in Sidney in the world Cup.

The next to speak was the president of the RFEF, Pedro Rochawho thanked the players for their attitude and wanted to focus on Jenni Hermosothe player most affected by the non-consensual kiss of Rubiales, for which he asked for applause. She, with a serious face throughout the appearance, did not want to accompany that applause.

For Rocha it is important to “build bridges” and “work with stability” to get through these “difficult moments.” Rocha wanted to remember that now there is an important challenge for Spanish football, which is World Cup 2030for which he has asked for “unity”.

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