Players dissatisfied with the current system of returning goods in the Epic Games Store – Gambling

Yesterday the launch was launched Epic games shopwhere you can already buy several projects, including a novelty from the creators of Bastion and Transistor – Hades. It's true, it's now in the early access phase.

As, in general, the store itself, therefore, many functions and capabilities in it are not yet fully formed, or are completely absent.

For example, to return the purchase and get the money back, you need to contact the technical support of the company, providing a huge list of personal data for user verification:

  • IP address (IPv4);
  • Date of registration of the Epic Games account
  • Account of any purchase in the Epic Games store with this account;
  • place (city, region) of the place where the purchase was made;
  • the last four digits of the first bank card used in the account;
  • Last access date
  • Nicknames for PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox or Twitch accounts related to your Epic Games account and the date they were linked.

As noted in the Epic Games technical support letter, the study takes the safety of its users very seriously: if you do not provide the required data, no changes will be made to the account.

users Reddit They note that this system is not only inappropriate (some data can not be remembered), but also partially violates the new European law on the protection of users' personal data, which came into force at the end of May of this year.

We contacted the editorial director of Epic Games, Sergei Galenkin, who said that detailed verification is provided only to users without two-factor authentication.

However, in his opinion, even in this case, the list turned out to be too broad and, perhaps, would have been shortened or modified.


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