Players of this Spanish club save a female photographer from death (video)

The joys of the Girona club, newly promoted to the Spanish League, almost turned into a disaster after an incident in which the official photographer of the “Catalan” club was champion.

Girona returned to La Liga after two seasons in the second division, after the team defeated Tenerife by three goals to one, on June 19, 2022, at Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez Stadium, in the second leg of the promotion qualifiers.

Subsequently, Girona players climbed onto an open-top bus and roamed the streets of the city to celebrate with the fans their return to the League of Lights.

During the bus tour, Nuri Marge, the team’s official photographer, hit a tree, causing her to lose her balance, and she almost fell on her head from the bus.

But Margie clung to the edge of the bus, until one of the players noticed her, who alerted a number of his other colleagues, to hurry to catch her, and then put her back on the bus again, according to MARCA newspaper.

Margie commented on the incident, through an unverified account on the social networking site “Instagram”, saying: “In the end, I missed the opportunity to take the perfect picture, but well.. Thank you Artola, Gabri and Arnau (the team players who saved her).”

Girona ranked sixth in the table of the second division in Spain with 68 points, to enter the playoff stage, in order to compete for the third qualifying card to the League.

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