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You need to clap your hands: Wasserman has responded to a fight in the Ukrainian show because of Azov

Deputy Minister of Ukraine for "temporarily occupied territories" Yury Grymchak live on the political program "People against" on the ZIK TV channel attacked the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Evgenia Muraeva. A prerequisite for the attack was a statement by an MP about the situation in the Kerch Strait.

"The Russian Federation was not interested in this conflict.Thanks to this incident, I think one of the goals has been achieved – the meeting between US and Russian presidents at the G20 summit has failed," said Murayev.

After that, Grymchak called Murayev "Little Russia", approaching him and hitting the rack he was standing with. Part of the scenario fell on the deputy.

Publicist and famous intellectual Anatoly Wasserman in a conversation with a journalist Federal press agency He defined such inappropriate behavior as "familiar to a typical Ukrainian who opposes enmity with Russia". He noted that Donald Trump used the accident in the Sea of ​​Azov as a formal reason to cancel the talks with Vladimir Putin.

"The delusions of grandeur are a rather dangerous disease for the Ukrainians themselves, who hope to benefit from the growing tensions between Kiev and Moscow.

Trump really took advantage of the excuse for another refusal to talk to Putin. In fact, he refused, because his former lawyer decided to testify at the right time for the next round of anti-himp hysteria, "explained the FAN interlocutor.

You need to clap your hands: Wasserman has responded to a fight in the Ukrainian show because of Azov

The press officer stated that Grymchak was wrong and acted aggressively because he did not want to accept the fact that Kiev was the cause of the situation in the Kerch Strait.

"As for the fight, it's completely natural and normal for Ukraine. [Грымчак] he has not acted properly, and those who are trying to provoke aggression against the Russian Federation must be beaten regularly on those playful hands, so that they do not have such desire in the future.

In logic, it is well known that if we take something false between the prerequisites for reasoning, then it is possible to derive both false and true conclusions from this single lie with equal ease. Therefore, the thinking of the Ukrainian deputy minister is unpredictable and fantastic, and its result is a provocative behavior in not recognizing the guilt in the accident in the Kerch Strait, "said Wasserman.

Recall, on November 25, the Ukrainian navy ships violated the state border of Russia and for several hours carried out dangerous maneuvers, ignoring the legitimate requests of the Russian authorities. As a result, it was decided to withhold violators from the Coast Guard forces of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. There were a total of 24 military personnel on board the ships held, including the SBU officers.



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