Online games have become the most popular way for young people to pass the time during the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused them to stay more in their homes. – Whether we like it or not, the people now have to stay at home more.

The reason is, the transmission of the Covid-19 virus is increasingly soaring, so it is certainly better if we take care of ourselves by being more active at home.

This makes us have to find a way not to get bored and bored quickly, because it has been so long since we had limited activities.

Mobile games or online games with mobile devices are currently the choice of most people to unwind and fill boredom while at home during the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) period.

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By playing online games, we can still socialize with other players using the chat feature which is usually available in each game title.

To get the best experience when playing mobile games, a sufficiently qualified device is needed.

Moreover, most mobile game titles today demand fairly high specifications so that the game can run smoothly.

Many smartphone manufacturers are presenting the latest devices to meet the trends and needs of mobile gaming, not only having high resolutions but also being able to play a variety of high-end games.

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