Playing Metal Gear on the first Japanese PC that managed to run it seems like a dream, but now it will be a reality

The MSX PC, manufactured by Microsoft, returns to the market after 30 years with a new version.

Many consider that Metal Gear Solid was the starting signal for what would become a renowned brand. However, it should be remembered that Kojima started the franchise with Metal Gear, a title released in 1987 which was only released on the NES and the PC MSX 2, not counting the possibility of playing through emulators such as the Wii Virtual Console. Well, it turns out that this computer, manufactured by Microsoft, caused such a sensation in the Japanese lands that it received several improved versions before being discontinued back in 1993.

The MSX3 PC will hit the market at the end of 2022This shelved the possibility of playing Metal Gear in the most retro way in Japan, but Kazuhiko Nishico-designer of the original MSX, has announced the return of this PC through a revision that never reached the homes of tech fans: the MSX3. An initiative that, as explained in PC Gamerarises from a collaboration with D4 Enterprise to preserve the game through a project that aims to bring MSX titles to current platforms and, as far as possible, maintain the rich history of the hardware.

This MSX3 improves some of the features of the brand’s previous generation of PCs without actually offering an experience similar to today’s computers, since the nostalgic component is valued. In the absence of knowing a launch date for this platform, Nishi ensures that it can be purchased at the end of this year.

If you are interested in the technology of yesteryear and want to take this opportunity to play Metal Gear like not a day has passed since its original release, just wait for the MSX3 makers to give more information about your product. Regarding the current state of the saga, we are aware that Konami has not been taking care of his IP, but Kojima follows his path as a professional partnering with Microsoft to develop a title that, although no official detailscould correspond to rumors about a horror adventure.

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