PlayStation 4 Pro inspired by The Last of Us 2 and new gameplay trailer

Sony and Naughty Dog studio have published a new trailer for the gameplay The Last of Us: Part 2, the future exclusive for PlayStation 4.

A nine-minute video showed the gameplay details of the survival process and the nuances of battles with opponents people and zombies. The combat in these cases is different.

In addition, Sony introduced a limited series of game-styled gadgets, including the PS4 Pro console, gamepad, headphones and external drive. It also includes digital materials, a dynamic theme, avatars, and more.

Stylized as The Last of Us: Part 2, the set will be released on the day the game is released – June 19, 2020. The price of such a set will be $ 400, but you can take part in the competition and try to win one of three such sets. Details here.

Recall that after the finale of the first part in the game world, five years have passed. The main characters were matured Ally and the aged Joel. They live in a certain community in Wyoming, where a normal life is gradually being established. But suddenly a tragedy happens that destroys the normal life of a girl, so Ellie leaves her place and goes into the outside world of post-apocalyptic America to take revenge.


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