PlayStation: a stock of PS5 is available this morning (with bonus discount) ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Today, the PS5 is available at … SFR. The operator shows a real surprise with this offer which allows you to order the precious game console. Here’s how to take advantage of it before the stock runs out.

If the PS5 is nowhere to be found, SFR is creating a surprise with a nice stock at the moment. The operator starts the week strong with an offer that gives you access to the latest Sony games console. However, stocks are limited and we can only advise you to act quickly. This is the last moment to be entitled to it because the end of this operation is expected in a few hours.

With SFR’s offer, the classic PS5 is available at a price of 149 euros + 8 euros per month for 24 months, a total of 341 euros instead of 499. The operator also gives you the possibility of choosing the Digital Edition version, the price of which is 241 euros instead ofโ€ฆ 399 euros. As a bonus, you will have 2 DualSense controllers, regardless of the model you take.

To buy the new PS5, it’s here:

I buy the PS5 here

SFR is not a traditional e-merchant and its offer is also a bit special: this new PS5 will have to be combined with an internet box. In this case, it is the SFR Power box that must be chosen. That said, the association is relevant since it will take a very good speed to make the most of the new PlayStation 5. It is therefore natural to combine the console with a powerful connection.

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Last PS5 before Christmas?

During the summer, SFR has already presented a similar offer with the PS5 and the SFR Fiber Power box. At that time, he was also the only one with stock on the video game console. As a result, it was out of stock after a few hours and the operation had to be stopped clean by the operator. While out-of-stock is everywhere, now is a good time to secure the PlayStation before Christmas.

If this offer with the PS5 is convincing, it is because the console is unavailable everywhere in the world. Whether online or in-store, no one can claim to have PlayStation 5 stock – outside of SFR. No other merchant is highlighting the object at the moment, even the heavyweights of e-commerce Amazon, Fnac and Cdiscount are not able to offer the PlayStation 5 for sale.

Out of distress, some do not hesitate to buy the PS5 on the second-hand market with prices that are sometimes delusional. Some consoles have left for more than 1,000 euros (twice the official price). By opting for the formula via SFR, you will not only have it cheaper, but you will especially be delivered in the days to come.

I buy the PS5 here

If you intended to change your internet box, this is a very good offer. Whether you want the PS5 or not, this is the most relevant formula (even if it means reselling the console yourself after receiving it) from the operator at the moment. The associated SFR Power box also benefits from a discount on the first year, which reinforces the interest of this pack. For a triple-play box of this quality, this is an excellent choice.

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How to buy the PS5 via SFR?

As we said above, the PS5 necessarily comes with an Internet box. To benefit from the game console at SFR, you must select this option on the official site (screenshot below). You have the choice between the Digital Edition or the Standard version. The price difference is only 100 euros.

In detail, the SFR Fiber Power Internet box that comes with the PS5 includes Fiber with very high speed (up to 1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending), unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones in France as well as 200 TV channels and a 4K compatible decoder. In the end, this formula includes everything you need in terms of Internet connection, but also telephony and TV.

The price of this Internet box is set at 32 euros per month for 12 months, then 53 euros per month. The commitment period with SFR is 24 months. Thanks to this SFR Fiber Power formula, you are guaranteed to receive the PS5 a few days after ordering and to make the most of it. Indeed, to have the least latency on your games, it is essential to have a good internet connection.

If you are still hesitating between the stock of PS5 and that of the digital version, the difference lies in the Blu-Ray player. The Standard version has such a drive which therefore makes it possible to use discs for games. These can be sold after finishing the game, which allows you to regain some of your funds. This is not the case with the Digital Edition version which forces you to buy dematerialized games on the PlayStation Store. They cannot be resold, which is why it is cheaper.

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For this flash offer organized by SFR, the stock of PS5 seems to hold for the moment. This offer will definitively end tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. We must therefore no longer wait to take advantage of this opportunity. Sony has warned that the outages will continue until at least 2022, so buy the console now if you want to be sure you have it before the holiday season.

To buy the new (and rare) PS5, it’s here:

Buy the PS5 from SFR

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