Plaza 1 pays tribute to El Juli for his goodbye in the poster of the Autumn fair (official combinations)

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Plaza 1 has made the posters for the Autumn fair official, which, as we said in days gone by, “is a very well-braided, thought-out, weighty, and attractive fair to forget the hot flashes of summer.” Which in itself is being a disappointment. As if the company, more than input, was output. Autumn, however, comes as an important and finished cycle.

El Juli’s farewell to the Madrid fans has become the theme of the Plaza 1 poster, which thus pays homage to the bullfighting figure who is now saying goodbye after 25 years at the top. On September 30 he will say goodbye, on October 12 he will do the Morante paseíllo -date to which Plaza 1 has given prominence in recent courses- and Juan Ortega -the absentee who should not have been in San Isidro- will fight with Pablo Aguado, not hand in hand as it was initially leaked, but headed by Daniel Luque.

Sebastián Castella returns as the winner of San Isidro and finds his reward Paco Ureña after his absolute dedication on the day of the Press Bullfight.

Roca Rey will not appear at the end of its season at the San Miguel fair in Seville, which overlaps with the first weekend of Autumn.

The Autumn fair went through the approval process of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, which is now chaired by the Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and the Interior, Carlos Novillo.

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