Plaza Italia: Government highlights new Carabineros protocols but regrets quarrel with stabbing | National

The Government highlighted this Saturday the application of the new Carabineros protocols, during the protest that took place on Friday evening in Plaza Italia and its surroundings, in the capital.

“Yesterday the application by the Carabineros of the new protocols and tactics that have been used was very noticeable. Something very clear: the explicit distinction between those demonstrations that are the product of the legitimate right of assembly of violent actions. It was very notorious when Carabineros proceeded to establish a dialogue with the people who were demonstrating in the Alameda, to transmit to them the strict regulations established by the health authority ”, explained the undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli.

The authority explained that “the same thing (happened) when it had to proceed in the same Plaza Baquedano, as when, through loudspeakers, people were asked to isolate those who were committing crimes, such as, for example, affecting national monuments. Those people were allowed to isolate those who were committing violent crimes.

The Minister of the Interior, Víctor Pérez, commented that “the Government is making every effort to guarantee that this Plebiscite is safe, participatory and transparent, and to prevent any act of violence from frightening or frightening the population, to attend next Sunday 25 to express their vote ”.

“Millions of Chileans yesterday went quietly to their homes, to show that they are with peace. The vast majority of our fellow citizens went home quietly. Only a very minority group of violent activists tried to lead the country to acts of violence, ”said the Interior Minister.

Slash with stabbing

However, Galli highlighted one fact in particular. “There were physical attacks among the people who participated yesterday, who had to be evacuated by health personnel”. Minister Pérez explained that “some stabbed each other.”

It would be a person who received three stab wounds and was “lynched” in the Forest Park sector. “We understand that it is a fight between people. We do not have injuries of this nature in any healthcare facility. We do not know the whereabouts of the aggressor and the victim, “said the metropolitan mayor, Felipe Guevara.

Minister Pérez called “those who want to demonstrate, for different reasons, to do so in a calm, peaceful way. In Chile peaceful demonstrations are allowed. If today or tomorrow there are organizations calling to demonstrate, we want to contribute to this in a calm way, without altering the rights of Chileans ”.

In total, the Government encrypted 16 events nationwide on Friday, 9 of them in the Metropolitan region, concentrated in the vicinity of Plaza Baquedano. The incidents left 17 detainees in the RM and 6 in other regions, for public disorder or violations of the curfew or anti-barricade law.


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