‘Ple Irin’ tells the knot to curse ‘Bai Toey’ to sleep in prison, close to slapping caused by ‘DJ Man’

How did you feel on the day you came out? Angry or what?

– The date it was in the news As we have to let everyone know that we ourselves are the most important person is to respect others. We are human beings with great respect for everyone. Even the waiter serving the food, we still have to look him in the eye and speak politely even the security guards. We never called him a guard. because we play a play when calling someone a guard Which character will be an insult to people

That we respect everyone greatly. But at that time we were disrespected in every dimension. Whether it’s a matter of copying the work Which has never been known before that really And then there’s a song At that time we were going to make an MV and we called our manager. So he made an appointment for us to meet and asked us to talk to adults from another camp. And at that time we had sponsors, so we told them how much they were willing to pay. So he asked the MV line. So we said that the MV was going to take a tour bus. And we will change clothes with dancers to help change. and the tour bus collided which we will walk from appearing down to a rate carpet and after Then he disappeared and became his MV. Which made us feel very angry because it was our idea.

Was there a fight before that?
– Never, never quarreled, but we still believe that everything happens, there is no coincidence. For reasons of it, it may have karma together.

Our words that day were like a curse?

-We feel bad that he did this for his deeds, so he persuaded us to play a movie with his girlfriend. And in the role of the director, he came to fill us in when he walked in to set the scene that we had to kiss each other. We also thought that a kiss was a kiss and didn’t think anything of it. When he left, we had to protect him, which when filming the kiss was an impromptu scene. But his hand grabbed my chest. When someone asked about it, we said it’s okay, it’s filtering. then try no problem

– but after that, when the picture goes out “DJ Man” He called an adult to tell us that she was the one who released the picture, right? Which is beyond our responsibility that we can release images from the script. until he ordered the director to cut this script out which we were furious because we played to the fullest Well, then we are wasted. Finally, he asked the adult to call us, it is a lot and coincidentally, I went to play another story with him again. which he said that if this person walked into the studio today, he would walk out And the adults then told us to have Ple wait outside, which we waited since we started putting on makeup and it took 4 hours.

At that time people will feel that we are crazy. coming out to talk about things Do you feel sorry?

– I’m not sorry about that. But one thing is that at that time it seemed really weak-minded. Your parents have just passed away. Grandma just passed away. Sister just passed away And I feel that I have come to be told by adults again. This person came to chase me again, that year was the year when I was bitten by a mosquito and I slapped a mosquito at all. That is, I protect myself. Because everything comes around It was a year when our hearts were weak, but when we went back, we kept thinking about humiliating things. When we started to let go, we felt that we wanted to forgive everyone in this human world.

How can we let go this time?

– one thing where we sit and analyze many things in human life Once we were able to release it there, we had been ordained for almost 30 times and I even liked to release it in the forest. It’s thanks to me being a Buddhist. and make it here to help mold Until we encounter obstacles, encounter things like this because we didn’t go through this matter. We met again. We’ll wake up knowing that if we didn’t go through any matter, it would come in another ridge. We wake up to know that we are not letting go. We stick to the same test identity rate. So it can come in and stop this obstacle at all. make me know that it can pass only

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