PLN Reveals the PLTS Roof Investment Count and Tips for Developers

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PT PLN (Persero) explained how to calculate the investment cost of a rooftop Solar Power Plant (PLTS) for developers or property developers.

Vice President Director of PLN, Hikmat Drajat, said that the developer needs to calculate the cost because the installation of PLTS is a long-term investment.

“So that developers can determine the investment costs that need to be spent to install” PLTS roof, the developer needs to calculate to compare the cost of installing PLTS on the roof with the cost of paying for electricity from PLN. This needs to be done because the installation of rooftop PLTS is a long-term investment, which is 10 to 15 years,” Hikmat said to Bisnis, Friday, June 03, 2022.

According to Hikmat, the price of rooftop solar power plants is now more affordable than five years ago, so it doesn’t burden developers.

“Five years ago, the price of rooftop solar panels reached Rp. 24 million per kWp. Now, the average PLTS roof price is IDR 15 million per kWp, so it doesn’t burden the developer,” said Hikmat.

According to Hikmat, the expenditure of rooftop PLTS users can be known through the calculation of rooftop PLTS for a certain period of time.

“The price of rooftop PLTS is now in the range of Rp. 15 million per kWp. This means that it must be calculated for 1 kWp that the rooftop PLTS can produce how many kWh of electricity per month. Furthermore, the age of the rooftop PLTS is set, for example, to 10 years, so the average cost per kWh per month can be calculated,” he explained.

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Furthermore, he explained that developers who want to install rooftop solar panels in housing can submit applications in accordance with the provisions of the Ministerial Regulation ESDM No. 26 Year 2021.

PLTS electricity can be transferred to PLN

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