plot 12 and 13 April 2021, episode advances

Advances bet 1154 of A life of Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 April 2021: Santiago talks to Marcia about the deal he is thinking about when they go to live in Cuba; at that point Sampaio decides to trust him. Meanwhile, the interview for the job of personal waitress goes well and so, after realizing that Felipe recommended her to the ambassador, Marcia thanks him.

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Felipe, seeing Marcia so happy, reveals that he still thinks about her all the time. But in that while Santiago arrives and immediately asks for explanations …

Ursula returns to Acacias and the neighbors are not at all enthusiastic.

Camino is always very sad about Maite’s departure and shows impatience towards everyone.

Cinta makes it clear to Emilio that she is not really so convinced of the engagement, having done everything too quickly and secretly.

Margarita insinuates in Bellita the doubt that her husband is cheating on her with Esther Nadal.

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