PMH Says Bus Condition Involved in Deadly Collision in Labusel Roadworthy


PMH and PMS buses were involved in a fatal collision in Labusel. Seven people died in the accident. PHM management assesses that their buses are always checked before departing.

This was conveyed by representatives of the PMH counter in Medan City.

“We always check before leaving,” said the PMH counter clerk, Montir to secondsNorth Sumatrain Medan, Monday (20/6/2022).

Because it has been checked, he also makes sure the condition of the PMH bus is roadworthy. “Yes,” he said when asked if the condition of the bus was roadworthy.

According to him, the accident was not caused by the car’s worthiness, but because the PMS bus skidded a truck around the corner, so it hit the PHM bus.

“Yes, the PMS bus crossed the truck, so it crashed,” he said.

Regarding the victims from the PMH bus, his party in Medan said they did not know for sure how many victims were injured or died. He only knew that two died, the driver and one passenger.

“One driver, one passenger (died), if it is more specific there (Labusel), we don’t know for sure here (Medan),” he said.

Regarding the victims who died, both said he had been taken to their respective funeral homes. For the victims, they have been brought to Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province.

“One victim (passenger) was brought to Kerinci (Jambi), already taken earlier,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the driver’s body, he said, the family asked to be taken to the Land of Java, Simalungun and will be buried there. It was at the request of the driver’s family, he said, even though his parents were in Medan.

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“They have been brought to Java, their parents are in Medan, but the family said they should be buried there, because the family is from there,” he explained.

He also explained that the victim had entered insurance. Then, the insurance company has also met the family of the victim who died.

“Insurers have entered the victim’s place, already the insurance is,” he concluded.

Dirlantas Polda Sumut, Kombes Indra Darmawan Iriyanto said he had checked the crime scene. So far, seven people have been victims of this incident.

“Three (died) at the TKP. Four (died) at the hospital,” said Indra secondsNorth SumatraMonday (20/6/2022).

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