PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Sunday September 26 in Vincennes: Eddy du Vivier, the form continues …

Arrival of the quinté: 8 – 13 – 2 – 15 – 10

When the form is there, everything is fine. This could be the motto ofEddy du Vivier (n ° 8), who was courageous to win as a favorite in the Prix d’Ancenis, a support event for the quinté, contested over the distance of 2,850 meters on the main track of theParis-Vincennes racecourse. Patiently guided by David Thomain, the student of Patrick Terry went on the offensive in the final turn and never relaxed until the post was passed, notably repelling the attack from Cimarron (n ° 2). “He’s a nice horse,” Patrick Terry confided about him before the race. And the recent results ofEddy du Vivier prove it. In his last ten outings, the 7-year-old gelding has scored four victories and has been on the podium three times. Thanks to this success, he also distinguished himself for the first time at the quinté level.

Back from the mounted trot, Hope of Elphigny (n ° 13) realizes a very good value by snatching the second place to Cimarron, which had an illusion for success before breaking down in the last few battles. Recently noticed, Dame Denfert (n ° 15) took fourth place, slightly behind Cadet (n ° 10).

Kévin Romain indicated the quartet in the disorder in eight horses, which brings in 306.15 € for a bet of 1.30 €. The reports of the quinté soar to reach 178,938 euros for 2 euros.

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