PNV voters are fractured before the investiture: only half support Sánchez

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The PNV of Andoni Ortuzar e Iñigo Urkullu He fails to convince even his voters of the strategic decision to keep Pedro Sánchez in office. The Moncloa. The faithful nationalist parish doubts and only 51.1% are clear that the five votes of the PNV They must join the rest of the Catalan and Basque independentists to give the acting president a new opportunity. The survey carried out by Sigma Two for THE WORLD confirms that the convoluted political scenario in Madrid It penalizes the PNV in Euskadi especially. Even their own doubt the benefits they have achieved by supporting the socialist leader in La Moncloa since 2018.

«Euskadi needs you and the Party [por el PNV] also,” Andoni Ortuzar has implored his thousands of members to go to the fields of Foronda next Sunday. He longs for a multitudinous image and the “essential displays of affection and encouragement” of his militancy two days before the inauguration of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Because nationalist sympathizers, according to the Sigma Dos survey, are the Basques least aligned with the decision already taken by the Ortuzar leadership to once again support Pedro Sánchez.

The voters of PNV are below the average (55.3%) of Basques who understand the nationalists’ support for the PSOE. But far behind the voters’ conviction of summer (85,2%) y eh Bildu (80.3%), who undoubtedly opt for the 5 votes of the PNV decide in favor of Sánchez the presidency of the Government.

The survey also confirms the rejection among Basque voters of the PP -a niche desired by the PNV- provokes the submission of Ortuzar. Eight out of ten PP voters in Euskadi want the PNV vote against or abstain from Sánchez’s investiture, which would prevent his re-election. It is surprising, however, that only 62.8% of those who voted in favor of Feijóo on June 23 maintain that the PNV You can still vote for him. And the majority of Basque citizens (54.6%) believe that the PNV should not endorse the candidate PP. A positioning that shoots above 90% in voters of summer and EH Bildu to drop to 60.1 in those related to PNV and 62.4% among supporters of the PSOE Basque, the party that won the general elections in Euskadi and which is one of Sánchez’s territorial pillars.

The leaders of the PNV In the coming weeks, they will need to split hairs to justify a new endorsement – the third since 2018 – for Sánchez because almost four out of ten of his voters understand that the PSOE and Podemos Government has not benefited Euskadi – those who approve the revenues of the coalition is only six points more. The critical position higher than the average of the group of respondents (36.1%) and that the PNV Has fed. The stoppage in the transfer of around thirty powers, the continuous non-compliance in the emblematic Basque ‘Y’ of the High Speed ​​Train (TAV) and an alleged “erosion” of powers are recurring arguments in the examination of Sánchez by the spokespersons of the PNV.

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