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Luciano Castro gave a radio note, and when asked about the future of his partner with Flor Vigna He told how his life changed and how he imagines the next few years with the singer. “We are behind something healthy that hopefully turns out well and lasts us a lifetime.”

Luciano He talked about his present after a year of relationship with Flor. With the bond strengthened where, even, they have already shared several family celebrations with Sabrina Rojasthe actor’s ex, and the Tucu Lopez, su current couple, thinking about a future together is closer than many could suppose.

“She needs space, she is 28 years old, she is on the crest of the wave and she is going for more. She is at an enviable level, she motivates me. I remember my 28th birthday and she motivates me, I give her energy, poor Florcita, Luciano confessed, with an open heart, in Hold on Catherine, by Eleven ten/Radio de la Ciudad.

“We talk a lot, we are going to set up a call center, we come from very long relationships and we tell each other all the time what things are yes and what things we think are not'”, Castro told, about the couple’s agreement that they have made with Vigna and that they renew constantly.

When talking about the future they project together, Luciano announced that a life together is in the plans. “We are behind something healthy that hopefully turns out well and lasts us a lifetime”advanced the male lead of The good retreat the new series of Flow.

A few days ago, in a TV show, Castro confided that “I am very much in love. Flor was what I needed for the life change I wanted to make”said the father of three children about the reality he lives from his new romance with the ex de Nico Ochiatto.

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