POCO X3 sells out in less than a minute! Xiaomi creates a sales hit

Xiaomi POCO X3 is the upcoming smartphone that will make its immediate debut in Poland – the premiere and disclosure of the POCO X3 price will take place next Monday. Based on the specifications, we can confidently say: it must be a hit.

Before the presentation LITTLE X3 Xiaomi focused on full openness and revealed all the secrets and flavors of the average. Will such a tactic pay off for a Chinese manufacturer? Absolutely, because there is something to wait for.

Already September 7 a smartphone will debut, which will quickly become a sales hit. We can deduce this from the great specification based on the new Snapragon processor and big battery. The appearance of the POCO X3 will not provide any reasons for shame – it will be modern and with an idea.

What do we know about the POCO X3?

The core component of the POCO X3 will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chip, i.e. the improved version of the well-known SoC SD730G. This processor will debut for the first time on a Xiaomi phone and it is worth knowing that it has mainly improved the graphics system.

little x3 2

An important element will also be battery with a solid capacity of 5160 mAh with 33 W charging. I am sure that this type of cell will encourage many ManiaKs (not only from Poland) to buy it.

Users from the Vistula River can be persuaded to buy one more factor, namely support for NFC and contactless payments. I am very happy that NFC is a standard in almost all Xiaomi phones.

Several secrets of POCO X3 were revealed through rebuses posted on social networks. They confirmed information about screen refreshed at 120 Hz (the touch panel will be refreshed at 240 Hz) and the price of the device was revealed – $ 229 860 PLN net. You admit that this is a fabulous amount for this specification.

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