Podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt with Bosch KI boss Christoph Peylo


By 2025, each product of the Group should contain AI. To do this, the company is building one of the largest AI departments in the country. At Handelsblatt Disrupt declared the head of the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, Christoph Peylo, for which his company will hire 25,000 software specialists in the next few years, which is why Germany is a good location for AI developments and how algorithms can help to reduce car emissions to almost zero.

Following this, a conversation with the editor-in-chief of the industry blog German startups, who has just published the book “When finally graze unicorns at the Emscher?”. In it, Hüsing describes the rise of a whole host of interesting start-ups – and appeals to the rest of the country to finally take advantage of this new period of promoterism in the pot.

And finally a conversation about the most important tech trends with Oliver Heyden. He is Chief Relations Officer of Press Relations and publishes the Report First Signals every month, a kind of early warning system for new technologies.

More: The previous episode of Handelsblatt Disrupt can be found here.



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