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The research behind the Stasi file Friedrich

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Stefan Winterbauer (l.) And Christian Meier Stefan Winterbauer (l.) And Christian Meier

Stefan Winterbauer (l.) And Christian Meier

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After the hope for a new start for the Berlin publishing house follows the shock: Publisher Holger Friedrich reported as IM to the Stasi. In the podcast, the authors talk about how to classify the file and what the find means for the publisher.

Drama for the “Berliner Zeitung”: Last Friday, WELT AM SONNTAG published that the new owner of the publishing house, Holger Friedrich, was active during his army time as an IM for the Stasi. The activity was relatively short-lived, but led to a series of reports with information and others. about other NVA soldiers.

In this issue of the “Media Week” we talk about the file and the case – and the consequences for the Berlin publishing house. Uwe Müller, editor at the Investigative Department of WELT, explains in an interview how he assesses the file and why the find hits the “Berliner Zeitung” twice as hard. We also clarify the files in which the media can access the Stasi documentation authority.

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11.11.2019, Berlin: Holger and Silke Friedrich, publishers, speak in the dpa interview. Photo: Britta Pedersen / dpa central image / dpa (rights notice: picture alliance / Britta Pedersen / dpa central image / dpa)

Holger and Silke Friedrich

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