Podemos conditions its support for Sánchez’s investiture to a consultation with its members

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The vote of the five Podemos deputies for the re-election of Pedro Sánchez has not yet been decided. The formation household is going to make a consultation among its registered members to ask them exclusively about hypothetical support from their representatives to the acting president of the Government so that he can remain at the head of La Moncloa.

“We have not been part of the agreement between Sumar and the PSOE and, therefore, what we have to ask is about the investiture,” said party spokesperson Isa Serra this Monday, who has defended the consultation with its bases as has occurred in “every important decision.” “It can’t be any other way,” she added.

On the negotiation of portfolios for the reissue of the coalition Executive that Yolanda Díaz’s team already maintains with Sánchez’s, in the wing household of the formation point out that they have “the same information” as about the content program for the legislature reached between both parties, implying that it is none. Even so, they do not give up in publicly claiming their share of power with specific names and surnames.

“We hope that Podemos will be in the next Government of the country. We think that it is essential to continue promoting transformations and that Irene Montero should be Minister of Equality to continue with the feminist agenda of transformations that have led our country to be an international vanguard,” he said. Serra insisted.

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