Podemos’s main powder keg explodes again with the resignation of the coordinator and the demand for a congress

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Sofia Castanon This Monday she formalized her resignation as regional coordinator of We can Asturias after almost a year in which he had stopped performing that task due to medical leave. The final march, which he had been speculating about for a long time, once again lights up the most explosive powder keg that the party has. purple, since Asturias is the scene of a fierce battle between official supporters and critics. Now the fight returns.

There, unlike other parts of the country, the critical sector has great strength. Not in vain, they led the party in this community for six years (from 2015 to 2021) and, once they lost that control, they consummated their reconquest of power a year later, taking the top positions in the candidacy in the primaries for the elections. regional elections held last May.

The resignation of Castañón and the appointment of a manager to pilot the transition has already caused critics to begin to press for an extraordinary congress to be convened “as soon as possible” and to get out of this interim situation that, in reality, has been going on. since Rafael Palacios assumed control of the party as interim coordinator, provisionally replacing Castañón.

Critics demand that assembly to elect a new leadership but for now there is no date on the horizon. The fear they have is that this situation will continue over time.

The chaos that the party is experiencing in Asturias is such that the only deputy household at the General Meeting is Cove Tome, the main reference in the critical sector. For months she led an internal revolt against Palacios and against the national leadership for the maneuvers to silence her once she won the primaries. With confinement included for a week at the party headquarters in Gijón.

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