Pogba-Mourinho: the details of their latest collision – Le Figaro


The two men again had disagreements over the last few days and the British press seized the subject.

For the happiness of the British media, the relationship between Paul Pogba and José Mourinho is scrutinized in all its glory in the last days. The reason? The two men maintain a more than conflictual relationship that does not date back to today and continues to occupy the public space as evidenced by the last sequence that took place last Saturday in the draw between the Red Devils and Southampton (2-2) in Premier League. This Wednesday, it's the turn of the day very serious, The Times, to signal a situation that gnaws the Mancunian dressing room. With an unequivocal title "the reins of José Mourinho, Manchester United claims Paul Pogba". In the article, the reporter goes beyond the relationship between the two men.

Pogba does not fail to reveal to Mourinho the fund of his thought

According to the newspaper, José Mourinho would shoot the 25-year-old midfielder in the last game, in front of all the players, criticizing his way of playing, little in line with his instructions. Information confirming the observations unveiled by The Independent at the start of this week. "You're a virus to us, you do not play, you do not respect other players and supporters Kill the mentality of good and honest people around you Atmosphere, but the French would not be dismayed by his coach's remarks, renaming the substance of his thinking on Developed game: With strong phrases about the fact that Mourinho bridait his players, with a tactic little in line with the profile of the team.

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For weeks, Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho maintain conflicting relationships, which re-emerge at the whim of United's bad results. Met last October for a long interview with Le Figaro, the world champion appeared smiling and relaxed, even with a face a little distant from his daily Manchester United. So also for him, despite his relative age, to show that this sequence could only make it stronger. However, Manchester United are now eighth in the Premier League, 19 points behind the leader and rival Manchester City. Before tackling Arsenal, the league team, Mancunians and Pogba advance in unfavorable weather. And the conflict with Mourinho could still cause damage.



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