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Paul Pogba and Juventus, a return that will not be made this summer. Mino Raiola confirmed it, Manchester United will not lose its star after very difficult months and very high tensions that have now been overcome. Indeed, soon will evaluate the idea of ​​renewing the contract to avoid future problems. But the scenario could, had to be totally different. Because Juventus had promised to be able to treat Pogba for real in the summer since December, when the Juventus management was working hard on the coup Paul for 2020 after Ronaldo and de Ligt, a ninety piece a year.

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WHAT HAPPENED – Juve had confirmed to Pogba as to Raiola that they were ready to make an important offer to take it back, were the months of the most serious difficulties between the French and Manchester United. Until everything changed: first the comeback of Solskjaer’s team towards the Champions that Pogba wants to play (and will play) at all costs, then the arrival of Bruno Fernandes to demonstrate top club ambitions and finally above all the Covid-19 which has also shocked the market. Because from that moment on it was practically for Juve impossible to present the offer of 100 million who had in mind between December and January as planned for June, the exchanges with Douglas Costa or Ramsey have never been standing. “Salaries will no longer be affordable“, Paratici had also recalled last June when replying on Pogba. The sentence has remained very valid, and how. The post-virus economic factor has blocked all hope. And the Pogback has nothing to do. Goodbye, once again .. .

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