Poggenburg exit: the advice of the AFD should be happy


The tip of the AFD should be right at the exit of Poggenburg, he says Birgit SchmeitznerThe fear of being monitored by constitutional protection is too great. Less fair, the party has not become.

A comment by Birgit Schmeitzner, ARD-Hauptstadtstudio

The right wing is fine, but that does not make AFD less right now. The conflict with André Poggenburg did not concern different political opinions. While lying with the wing volkisch on Björn Höcke and Andreas Kalbitz on a line. It was about the power, the political style and the carefree comments of the former head of AfD Saxony-Anhalt.

Poggenburg has always been good at the main news, at one point he described the Turks living in Germany as cumin traders and camel drivers, sometimes the intimate chats made their way into the public eye. Debt research, unpaid bills and legal difficulties also did not help his reputation. To this was added the accusation that his driving style was autocratic, that he managed nepotism.

The tweet of New Year's Eve, in which Poggenburg spoke about the National Socialist style of the "German Volksgemeinschaft", was the very straw that broke the cask.

Fear of constitutional protection

AfD is now very afraid of an observation of constitutional protection. The Federal Council warns members of the party and especially officials to moderate verbally. Governing Poggenburg, more and more stranger, to threaten him with a two-year theft, is also a sign for the Verfassungsschutz, according to the motto: look, we'll take care of it!

That Poggenburg has now resigned, whether on his own initiative or not, should be very fair to the leadership of the party. This is supported by the words that are launched by the great AfD: has no future, will disappear in political insignificance, should immediately take the other "self-proclaimed patriots".

Gets up?

It may be that Poggenburg, with its newly founded group AdP – German Patriots, both started and raised AfD in the upcoming state elections in East Germany, only a few votes can follow.

For him, it is a profound fall: from the federal executive, state and parliamentary leader in Saxony-Anhalt back into relative insignificance. For AfD it is not a painful loss.

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