Pokémon GO seems to have generated 1.92 billion dollars in profits in 2020 – Nintenderos

Nintendo has had different kinds of successes over the years, but one that no one saw coming was in the mobile games market, especially in 2016 with its augmented reality proposition Pokémon GO, in which he worked together with Niantic and The Pokémon Company.

The funny thing is that although the years go by and its viral momentum seems to have passed, the title is still excessively popular, and the profits it generates seem to be enormous. According to a recent report by SuperData, only in 2020 the successful Pokémon GO produced approximately $ 1.92 billion in revenue, a figure that surely puts the app in a pretty comfortable position.

Unfortunately these data are not official, but probably the real number is not very different from this, taking into account that Pokémon GO It was one of the few games that were transformed to adapt to the pandemic and still benefited from it. According to SuperData, there was a special boost in earnings during the last two weeks of 2020, which is likely due to the loosening of restrictions in various countries for the holiday season.


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