Pokémon GO | Special bonuses return until 2021

The isolation that many countries had chosen as an option to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic has ended in most of them, that is why in Pokémon GO the measures that had been taken to play during the quarantine were removed. However, since Niantic have decided to return them for the Trainers.

What’s more, they will not only be available for a few weeks; this time, the improvements are here to stay, at least until the middle of next year, since the bonuses have an expiration date in June 2021.

The improvements that are already available in Pokémon GO and that Trainers can take advantage of are the following:

• Open 1.5 times more gifts
• There is no walking requirement for the GO Fighting League
• Damage increased for Trainers in Ranged Raids
• Double the effectiveness of Incense
• Your partner will bring you objects more often.

These special bonuses are quite interesting and will make life much easier for all Trainers, and even more so with the news that will come to play in December, with the event GO Beyond, which will allow up to level 50, among other things.


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