Pokémon GO: What are they, what are they for and how to get XL Candy?

Pokémon GO will receive a series of changes from December of this year. The first of them is that players will be able to reach level 50 and with it will also be the debut of XL candies, but very few know what they are.

The level increase will not only be for the Pokémon GO characters, since all the creatures available in the augmented reality game will also be able to reach level 50. Niantic is already conducting tests with this function in Australia and here we tell you the first details of it.

What are XL Candies?

The XL candies are the new sweets that will come to the game. Unlike the ones you already know, these have a triangle shape and are personalized, that is, each pokémon will have its own candy.

What are XL Candies for?

As read on the official website of Pokémon GO, the XL candies they are necessary to empower the pokémon so that their CP increases even more than before; that is, its function is to bring each creature you want to level 50. Be careful, this can only be done when the user reached level 40.

At the moment, it is not known if these candies can be used to buy an extra move or trade creatures, functions that the candies that are currently available in the game created by Niantic do have.

How do you get XL Candies?

During these days, it had been said that the only way to get these sweets was to turn, for example, 100 Magmar candies into 1 Caramelo XL of this creature. However, there are other ways to obtain this object.

ZoëTwoDots, a well-known Pokémon GO streamer, posted on Twitter what another way to get XL candies it’s through capturing, hatching, transferring creatures, making trades, and leveling up from 40 and up.

Although it is a test phase, it is almost a fact that Niantic will allow Pokémon GO players to obtain these sweets through the regular actions that are done in the augmented reality game. Similarly, the study is expected to reveal more details about this object in the coming days.


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