Pokémon Korea confirms the cast of two Pokémon, including Charizard with a move not normally available in Sword and Shield – Nintenderos

As Pokémon Korea had promised, today a new distribution has been announced that we can enjoy all over the world.

First, we have the confirmation of a distribution of Ash’s Charizard for Pokémon Sword and Shield. She has the moves Flamethrower, Dragontail, Slash, and Seismic, a move that she cannot normally learn in Sword and Shield.

On the other hand, a Mewtwo para Pokémon: Let’s Go same as the one that was distributed in Japan last year. The reason for these gifts is actually the premiere of the film Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution in the country.

We will be attentive to inform you of its availability in West, as there are no confirmed dates yet. Meanwhile, what do you think?

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