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[Report by reporter Ke Zongxin]Pokémon Co., Ltd. announced the latest game information about Nintendo Switch “Pokémon Legend Arceus”, “Pokémon Legend Crystal Diamond”, “Pokémon Legend Bright Pearl”, including “Crystal Diamond Diamond” “, “Bright Pearl” is scheduled to be released on November 19, today (2021), and “Alzeus” is scheduled to be released on January 28, next year (2022).

The “Poker Watch” that players obtained during their adventures in “Crystal Diamond” and “Bright Pearl” is equipped with a variety of applications, which is a very convenient tool. As the adventure progresses, the available applications will become more and more abundant, including “treasure detectors” where you can find hidden items, and “note papers” for recording trivial things, etc., which can be used in various occasions use.

Pikachu_皮皮_草 Miao Turtle_Little Flame Monkey_Bogaman_Piao Piao Ball in the interactive square.

The “Interactive Plaza” in Jiayuan City once appeared in “Pokémon Diamond/Pearl”. It is a place to share time with your partner Pokémon. In this work, you can bring up to 6 designated Pokémon to act together. Some of the Pokémon are relaxing, and some are playing happily. Just watching them spend time as they please, you can feel the full healing effect. Moreover, the lens can change the angle and zoom, and you can use the Nintendo Switch’s shooting button to make memories with Pokémon’s photos (you can also long-press the button to leave a movie). Take advantage of the time of adventure and take a breather and play with the Pokémon.

There will be three characters that players will meet in their adventures in the Shenao region:
Vegetables: The owner of the Taoist Hall of EMI. He loves nature and plants, he is an expert in grass-based Pokémon such as Roselle. For the trainer, the strength is first-rate, but at the same time there is a side that is afraid of ghosts.
Yami: A trainer who claims to be not good at fighting and has a gentle personality. Will temporarily act with the protagonist and assist in the battle. There is a strong bond between Ya Mi and the auspicious egg she nurtured with love.
Yaxuan: A trainer with a soft figure and a mysterious atmosphere. He and his partner Lucario, in order to stop the Galaxy team’s activities, act together with powerful teammates who temporarily become the protagonist.

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“Pokémon Legend Arceus” is scheduled to be released in January next year.

In addition, “Arcius” players will find a mysteriously blessed special Pokémon inhabit in the Xicui area. They come in different types. Among them are the extremely powerful Pokémon known as the “king” or “queen,” and there are also Pokémon that are rumored to assist humans. The “king” and “queen” are usually respected by people, but recently they have suddenly become violent. The protagonist will take over the task as a member of the investigation team and go to treat them. The battle with the “king” and the “queen” will test the protagonist’s action skills and Pokémon ability to fight at the same time.

For example, after the chopping mantis evolved under the action of special minerals in the Xicui area, part of its body became like a rock. Part of the rock is often missing in fierce battles, so the more battle-tested Chopping Mantis, the greater the missing part of the rock. But the defect will also become relatively sharp and become sharper. It is said that the people in the Xicui area will use the broken stone pieces as stone tools, and will appear as “kings” in the “obsidian field”.

The violent “king” and “queen”.

Residents of the Secui area consider the mysteriously blessed Pokémon to be very important and respect them. The person responsible for taking care of these Pokémon is the “field manager.” Players will meet four “field leaders”, Ami, Juyi, Aman, and Huoxia. They assist the special Pokémon in maintaining the territory to prevent it from being disturbed. Sometimes they also offer water and food to them. Guard their duties.

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In some special Pokémon, some will identify with the protagonist and are willing to help the protagonist. The “Flute of God” that the protagonist received during the adventure is an incredible flute that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Secui area. As long as you play this flute, no matter when, a special Pokémon will appear for the protagonist to ride. Use “Poco Ride” to gallop on the ground, and even extend the range of action to water and air, and adventure in the Xicui area more freely.


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