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Pokémon Unite: Even the best of Fans hate this MOBA Game from Nintendo

With Pokémon Unite Nintendo and the Pokémon Company want to conquer the MOBA Genre. However, on the announcement of a bitter followed Negative record on YouTube.

  • The Pokémon Company developed together with Tencent MOBA game.
  • Pokémon Unite was the Fans recently introduced to.
  • Records were broken, but for the wrong reasons.

Tokyo, Japan – Not long ago, I saw the first Pokémon Game in 1996, the light of the world. A short time later, the idea of imagination, should make full nature as a Revolution in the Gaming industry. The Creator, Satoshi Tajiri would have never expected such a success all over the world came in 1996, slowly rolling. Creativity, insects and other small animals from nature, inspired by childhood in order to capture in the Form of drawings against each other to fight, for formed finally, the concept of Pokémon – a Franchise that is here to stay. The Pokémon Companydesigned video games, brings relatively many games of the Franchise on the market and supplies the Fans with first-class entertainment. However, the recently introduced Pokémon Unitea League of Legends-clone comes close, breaks well wrong Records.

Name of the game

Pokémon Unite

Release (date of the first publication)

Publisher (Editor)





Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS


Pokémon Company, TiMi Studios


MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Pokémon Unite: MOBA breaks not only traditions, but also unwanted records

The Franchise Pokémon is a cult. For almost 24 years, the famous and popular are Pokémon Games of Nintendo published and distributed. Since then, the bustling Franchise was Fans around the world and amazes again and again with new Surprises, which is not uncommon Records break. The Developer Pokémon Company provides the million Fans regularly with new Content, be it Games the Studios themselves, Animes of partner companies, or trading cards for lovers. Although most of the Pokémon Games for Nintendo’s Consoles appeared, dared Pokémon Company in the summer of 2016, a first step in the Mobile Gaming industry.

The recently announced League of Legends-clone Pokémon Unite breaks even before the release of the records. But not in the way planned.

© Pokémon Company/Nintendo/Installation

The published App pokemon GO has seen incredible success, broke Sales records and today is a present. By the end of 2018, the Mobile downloaded the Game about a billion Times. Now found Pokémon Company his latest prank, which appears to be a League of Legends clone. The Fans are anything other than thrilled Pokémon Unite and your Trouble air. This has the Pokémon Company probably not as expected. Because behind the announced MOBA (Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena-Game) put a lot of work. Already in the summer of last year, announced Pokémon Company a collaboration with TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games. Together, the companies developed the “next big Pokémon Game“.

However, this came at the Fans everything else as well. The goal of Pokémon Unite is similar, as is the case with classic Pokémon-Playbecause the Fans need to your Pokémon continue to develop, but the Genre seems to the Franchise Japan to fit. This Record hopes for no Game Studio. There are two Teams, each consisting of five members against each other. Prior to the start of the Battles selects the Pokémon Fan for best functioning Pokémonyou want to fight. In the Arena, so many Pokémon as possible, to be captured, it enemy must Pokémon and own pokemon upgraded be turned off. The winner is the Team that could reap through these tasks the most points.

Pokémon Unite: MOBA in the Pokémon style at the Fans not good at all

With this idea, was Pokémon Company probably even a leg, because the one on YouTube uploaded the presentation video received by the Fans more Downvotes than Upvotes. With over 850,000 could Call Pokémon Unite only 19.000 Likes to win and is provided by almost 55,000 Dislikes in the shadows. League of Legends-clone doesn’t seem to work so well, as planned. With this failure, even before the publication of the MOBAs, broke the Pokémon Company a Recordno Game manufacturer wishes. When Pokémon Unite for Nintendo Switch and as a Mobile Game is to appear, has not yet been betrayed. Whether the Fans even with the unconventional Pokémon Game be friends, remains to be seen.

How well Pokémon fits together, however, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, shows a creative Fan. About Animal Crossing New Horizons, a player has had a other, also creative idea and the Association of The Legend of Zelda with Animal Crossing New Horizons. Why the cute Franchise is just as popular as Pokémonexperiences also in our Test Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Section List Image: © Pokémon Company/Nintendo/Installation


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