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Some of the biggest content creators in the world are constantly in the crosshairs of trolls of the internet who try to ruin this person’s work and experience. One of the most recent cases where someone suffered from this was the streamer Pokimane, who returned to make transmissions in Twitch after receiving a ban for watching live episodes of Avatar the last Airbender. Unfortunately during this event he suffered from a raid full of trolls which forced her to end her broadcast earlier than planned.

Pokimane is not willing to put up with this situation

Pokimane was playing some games Valuing when this situation began to appear. This received a raid and then started a massive spam of a message that was “L+BOOK”, something that obviously bothered the content creator and her audience a lot. Because of this, the streamer She made the decision to end her broadcast much sooner than she had planned, since she assures that she will bear that, but that her audience did not have to.

Turns out this raid came from the youtuber JiDion, who told his public that they will spam the account of Pokimane. Because of this, the streamer made the decision to return your account to Twitter private and as for this youtuber Y streamer, Twitch gave him a penalty for 14 days. But that’s not all, because he also decided to change the photo of his account Twitter to an image of Pokimane as a mockery

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