Poland denounces the presence of Wagner mercenaries near its border

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A hundred mercenaries from the private Wagner militia, linked to Russia, have approached the border with Poland, the Polish prime minister said on Saturday. Mateusz Morawiecki assured in a press conference that the mercenaries had approached the Suwalki Corridora strategic stretch of Polish territory situated between Belarus and Kaliningrad, a Russian city cut off from the mainland.

Poland, NATO member and the European Union, fears for security on its eastern border with Ukraine and Russia’s ally Belarus. Fears have grown since Wagner mercenaries settled in Belarus after his short-lived rebellion in Russia weeks ago.

The Polish-Belarusian border has been in tension for several years, when large migrant contingents from the Middle East and Africa arrived there to try to enter the EU through Poland and Lithuania. The Polish government accuses Russia and Belarus of using migrants to destabilize Poland and other EU countries. He calls migration a way of hybrid warfare and has erected a high wall along part of its border with Belarus.

“Now the situation becomes even more dangerous,” Morawiecki told reporters. “This is certainly one more step towards a new hybrid attack on Polish territory.” Morawiecki spoke during a visit to an arms factory in Gliwice, southern Poland, where weapons are repaired. German Leopard tanks Used by the Ukrainian Army.

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