Poland – Sweden 2: 0, Poles and Portuguese succeeded in the final of the playoffs and will play at the World Cup

The basic groups will be drawn on Friday, but the last participants will not be known due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the coronavirus until June, when a postponed semi-final duel between Scotland and Ukraine is planned. The winner of the match will face Wales in the playoff final.

Northern Macedonia sensationally eliminated the European champions Italy, but did not add any more surprises. After half an hour, Ronaldo and Fernandes took advantage of the mistakes in the pass, they exchanged the ball at full speed and the combination of teammates from Manchester United ended Fernandes with a shot on the back post.

In the 65th minute, the 27-year-old skirmisher used Jot’s pass for defense and moved the Portuguese to the sixth world championship in a row. After the premiere participation in the Euro last year, the Macedonians have to wait for the first start at the World Cup.

The Poles were deployed directly to the finals after Russia was eliminated from the qualification due to the military invasion of Ukraine. Lewandowski, the biggest star of the team, took care of the winning goal, who in the 47th minute converted a penalty for Karlström’s foul to Krychowiak.

The home side’s Zieliński came close to extending the lead 72 minutes into the game. Poland gradually followed up on participating in the championship in Russia four years ago.

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