Poland wants to significantly strengthen the negotiations with the Czech Republic on Turów

He wants to file a lawsuit against the Czechia at the Arbitration Institute in Stockholm due to an alleged violation of the Energy Charter of 1994. “The Czechs have a different approach to Polish investments than to their own,” a source from the Polish government told Gazeta Prawná.

“We have the impression that the Czechs do not want to reach an agreement with us for some reason. That is why we have decided to abandon our constant defense, “the same source informed Gazeta.

One of the key points in the negotiations is to demand that the Polish side reduce compensation from the loss caused by coal mining to the Czech side from 45 million euros (over a billion crowns) to 25 million euros (600 million crowns).

“We want to pay less because a fine of half a million euros (13 million crowns) a day, imposed on Poland by the European Court of Justice last year for refusing to suspend coal mining in Turów, is already hanging over us,” said Gazeta Prawná.

The Polish side will be interested in meeting the ministers to achieve the right to withdraw from the current intergovernmental agreement after only four years, while the Czechia lasts for at least 15 years.

According to the newspaper, this dispute was one of the reasons why the negotiations were suspended last autumn.

According to the Polish side, the provision on the maximum mining depth in the Turów mine will also require an adjustment.

According to a source in Gazeta Prawná, however, the Polish side is digging deeper in the mine.

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