Poland will maintain the veto on the purchase of Ukrainian grain but plans to increase transit

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The Polish president, Andrzej Duda, stated this Sunday that will maintain the vetoto the entry of Ukrainian cereal into the Polish market but proposed that the transit of these products through Poland.

Days after the dispute between kyiv and Warsaw – where there are elections in three weeks – escalated to the point that the Polish Government put on the table the possibility of not donating more weapons to its neighbor at war, Duda’s statements point for the first time in the direction of detente.

“I think it is right that the Polish Government has maintained the veto on the sale of Ukrainian grain on the Polish market. However, I am convinced that we must do everything possible to ensure the greatest possible traffic“Duda told public broadcaster TVP1.

“Unfortunately, during the war, this cereal It barely reached those countries that really needed itwhile it flooded markets like the Polish market,” he noted.

The Polish president stated however that it is “completely false” that imports have stopped completely and noted that the transit through Poland “continues to occur” at this time through the special corridors established for this purpose.

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