Pole met in Turkey: “Quarantine is not for virus or treatment”

Isn’t it possible for me to rest, “disconnect” during a pause for body and nausea, the time donated by fate or the annual holiday schedule? The answer so far is only on the way, but at the end of the tunnel I can clearly see its contours: a person has the opportunity to rest over the weekend, for a few days and more. It is possible to learn to disconnect your mind, to release volatile thoughts without hooking them, not to stop at seemingly very important emotional or experiential moments. That’s just my conclusion.

And … easy to say, harder to live with. Just trying. Finally, the truth of the scientists is that a person needs to leave at least twice a year, the leave must last 14-15 days. Psychologically and physiologically, it is better to rest twice in two weeks than once and about a month. It takes a few days just to get used to the holiday, in other words, to relax. Fall asleep, look around, breathe fresh air. I wonder what research findings we would read in the face of a pandemic …

Photo by 123rf.com/Side, Turkey

I don’t care about the fate or the communication of people in the agency for a shortened vacation with our mom. That was enough. (For why, read here: Extra trip: how chaos over COVID rules caught a holiday in Turkey). If it were another 24 hours, we would certainly have dedicated it to another trip to Side or to a cedar plantation, I would have squatted a dozen more times into the Roman so-called Mediterranean Mare internum (Inland Sea).

On a six-day rather than a seven-day holiday, you certainly didn’t have to feel all of Turkey on your first trips after the quarantine wave, liberated by a unifying feeling of the desire to travel and enjoy a holiday in a foreign country. This was first confirmed by Tom from Poland.

In the morning, a man walking nearby meditated on the shore. Trying not to interfere, I walked away. After about half an hour, the man chatted from where my mother and I had come from. That Tom liked Lithuania, he said he was in Vilnius and liked our old town. Like Riga, which has a unique identity among European capitals.

Photo by 123rf.com/Side, Turkey

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Photo by 123rf.com/Side, Turkey

The language turns around on vacation. Apparently, a 35-year-old Pole was going to have a great time with his business partner and friend (exclaimed: “Finally after such a fight break!”). Turkey was chosen like we were with my mother – not because of the country, but seduced by the last-minute offer, the opportunity to travel. Both hope to relax, fish (a friend likes to dive, there are good conditions here).

Tom says he loves to be silent in the morning for several years. It helps him both at work and in his daily routine. It is not attached to religions, because there hierarchy and control take over. After reading a lot of philosophical works, a man who loves oriental wisdom says that quarantine is for more than a virus or a cure. According to him, it will be important to stop, decide which way to go, reduce the need for consumption, money, suppress desires, look back, relationships, connection with the universe, creator, immerse, rearrange what was, is, it will be important.

The man says the quarantine is more for the virus or treatment.

There will be no need to quarantine when you return, because Tom has experienced the virus and got sick easily. He argues that the ideal situation for them with a friend would be even in the most unpleasant case – returning to a positive COVID-19 test in Turkey would not be necessary to close – Poland flies the population and can get sick and isolate in their homeland. Well, we joke that Lithuanians may have been lucky – it is not such a drop to be isolated in a Turkish resort. And at night, a Lithuanian would be able to escape from the hotel to the sea and saturate himself with sunbathing on the balcony of the room.

Photo by 123rf.com/Side, Turkey

Photo by 123rf.com/Side, Turkey

I noticed a couple from Germany from day one – they were attentively looking at the range of meals served at the breakfast table, politely asking questions slowly and usually choosing a small amount of healthy food. No steamed white flour on a plate of bread or plenty. Passing was always greeted.

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Arriving one morning with a big smile graceful, the woman of respectable age was very kind. I suggested that I could only say a few courtesy phrases in German, so we spoke English. The couple living in Frankfurt flew here for a long time. He stayed in Side and will spend three weeks in Turkey. I will travel to the most interesting places of Turkey, which have preserved ancient sculptures and sculptural forms. Of course, it will not be easy, many of them are still closed. Strives to communicate with locals while traveling.

It turns out the former English and German teacher said she decided to quit her long-term job and went on vacation with her husband immediately. Now he will do what he dreamed of and had little time for. Her desire and hobby is creativity. He has already created sculptures – of stone, wood. He is preparing to hold an exhibition of previous years’ works. The dream comes true – will hold it in her hometown. There is a lot of work left – to complete several sculptures for the exhibition, to create a conceptual space, to invite not only your friends and relatives, but also art lovers, to take care of dissemination. So now trying to break away, not thinking as much as possible to rest.

A former English and German teacher, she said she decided to quit her long-term job and went on vacation with her husband immediately.

Pets were brought together with another tourist – a lover of warm countries. While we were playing with the two huge Turkish dogs, a man passed by. Retired-age gray-haired threw the ball at first impression of an already friendly dachshund. James (who came from Switzerland but was born and lived in Albania for a long time) made no secret of being surprised by the locals ’concern for pets. And he found this four-legged friend on the hotel grounds. There the dogs are cared for by the staff, they are fed daily, if necessary, they take care of the treatment.

Photo by 123rf.com/Side, Turkey

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Photo by 123rf.com/Side, Turkey

“What is left for me at such an age – I enjoy life. I will rest, travel in Turkey for at least three weeks. Then – to Albania, relatives, loved ones to visit. I live between Switzerland and Albania. I am happy now and feel safe. I have both vaccinations, ”he said.

I asked about Albania, where my travel buddy lives. “It simply came to our notice then. Now crime is rising there, drug sales are growing. Lots of corruption and unemployment. Not easy for the locals. Until Greece is completely open to tourists, Albanians are still waiting to go to work on the Greek islands. A stagnant but very beautiful world, ”smiles the Swiss Albanian.

Almost all met people – dozens of Ukrainians who have been friends with Lithuanians since the first day of the meeting, friendly meetings with Italian and German tourists, when it no longer matters which father takes care of young children after dinner (Ivan from Ukraine, who travels the world on business) , when all the children resting in the hotel – Turkish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian – received sincere attention.

Just the atmosphere whispered – we are all like one – we are people longing for communication, being, relaxing. And that curly little one about three years old, snuggled up from his back one evening, grabbed by the fingers of his right hand, and quietly, without a word (only dark amber eyes shining), led me to a nearby playground with illuminated cars pointing to the hotel grounds. trees, flowers, birds, I will remember for a long time.

When the girls came to fetch her missing mother from Ukraine, I learned the girl’s name. Her name was Amber. And how not to believe that amber is the most beautiful in Lithuania, but it is also found all over the world. After the sun.


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