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Instead of coal for 1,000 zlotys, 3,000 for coal

A new idea of ​​the government – a one-time carbon allowance in the amount of PLN 3,000 zlotys – appeared immediately after the earlier “cheap coal” turned out to be a misfire, at the maximum price (PLN 996.60 per ton).

Each farm – under certain conditions – will be entitled to 3,000. zloty. – results from the act.

The same one that does not in any way make it clear that the money must be spent on coal. <<3 tys. dodatku węglowego niekoniecznie na węgiel. Dziurawa ustawa przegłosowana>>

It turns out that the 3,000 carbon supplement is so tempting that Poles are already starting to submit amendments to the submitted CEEB declarations.

People who want to correct the submitted declaration and add a carbon source have already started to come to Warsaw – informs “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” quoted by Business Insider.

“Dziennik” draws attention to a gap in the program, because although an entry in the Central Register of Emission of Buildings is necessary to pay out money, it is difficult to verify the submitted declarations.

As the newspaper found out, the most important problem is how an official can decide what is the main source of heating, because nowhere in the CEEB declaration does it say this.

According to the statement of the climate ministry quoted by the newspaper:

In the statement, the person concerned himself will have to declare – under penalty of perjury – what is the main source.

Only that – according to officials, the possibilities of verification are limited.

CEEB. Government program with a lot of holes

This is not the first failure related to the CEEB declarations. We have already written about the gaps in the program twice.

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The first was that, with only basic data, we can see in the system what is in our neighbor’s basement and what raw materials he uses to heat his home. <>

In the second time, the case concerned the consequences of failure to submit the declaration on time. Or basically … no consistency. It turned out that despite the announced penalties, people who neglected to fill in the application will not bear any responsibility. <>

CEEB. The stick or carrot method?

It seems that the government has finally found a way to deal with those who have so far ignored the recommendations. Because there will certainly be those who – even if they have not yet done so – will now be willing to make an appropriate declaration.


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