News Police abuse: police lawyer in the case of Javier...

Police abuse: police lawyer in the case of Javier Ordoñez

The jurist said that “it is still very premature to speak of a responsibility as such,” after indicating that in the preliminary hearings what is presented is a reasonable inference of authorship or participation of a person who is immersed in a criminal process.

He explained that the Police patrolman, Juan Camilo Lloreda, So far he has not presented psychological problems.

“Since they were faced with the disciplinary process they received psychological help about the third day and the patrolman had a picture of anguish of being immersed in a process of these, but this It does not mean that we as a strategy have taken some mental or psychological imbalance “, he stressed.

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He added that “they were prosecuted, protected with an assurance measure … andAt this time, what follows is the accusation hearing and it is a process that could take according to the programming of each court.oy you could be talking about one and even two years “.

The lawyer Jesús Giraldo said that they are analyzing the level of force applied in the police procedure that triggered the death of Javier Ordoñez, taking into account that his client was surprised.

“If we focus on the video that has caused the most amazement in the community where he (Javier Ordoñez) is being reduced to be taken when he is facing a flagrant crime of attack on public servant, my client is astonished because he says that it is the same force that he always applies and that will remain in court if we get there, “he said.

He stressed that within the process, lhe defense of the uniformed will also have the possibility of having a team of forensic professionals to explain what happened.

“Within the procedural part, we have the opportunity to have a forensic doctor explain to us about the injuries, in addition to some videos with which we can determine the blows in that specific use of force that Juan Camilo applied, or if the application of force was exceeded “.

Giraldo said that in the investigation there are five more suspended police officers and warned that at the trial stage the images of the CAI camera that he constantly films will be able to be seen and that is directed to where Javier Ordoñez was.

“Those cameras are already in chain of custody with the Prosecutor’s Office and Police in the disciplinary process, which we will all be able to know when they are presented at the trial, really determining who inflicted those blows on Javier Ordoñez, without ignoring that there was a fight before the police arrived or the events generated afterwards, ”he said.

Finally, he concluded that “if Juan Camilo becomes responsible or is found guilty, he will ask for forgiveness with everything that has to do with the family.”



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