Police Brutal Action Beats Police Due to Arguing When Queuing for ATMs in Medan

While – The action of the police hitting the police in Medan caused an uproar. The incident occurred at a mini market on Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan.

The two policemen who were involved in the fist fight were known to be Bripda Riski Noprianta Kemit and Bripka Mahadi Sihombing Protection. The reason the two fought was because of an argument while standing in line at the ATM in the mini market.

The chronology of the incident was explained by the Medan Tuntungan Police Chief, Iptu Christin Malahayati Simanjuntak, he said, the two fought on Sunday (19/3) at around 20.00 WIB in the parking lot of a mini market on Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan City.

“Initially Bripka Mahadi was doing transactions at the ATM machine in Alfamidi,” said Christin, Wednesday (22/3/2023).

At that time, Bripda Riski came and forced him to make transactions at the ATM first. Bripka Mahadi did not pay attention to Bripda Riski’s request.

After making transactions at the ATM, Bripka Mahadi admitted that Bripda Riski glared at him while getting angry. Emotionally ignited, he questioned Bripda Riski’s attitude.

Iptu Christin said that Bripda Riski even asked Bripka Mahadi to wait outside while he made transactions at an ATM. The two met in the parking lot.

After that, Mahadi questioned the reason for Bripda Riski being angry at him and the answer was that he was in a hurry. Riski also explained that he was a Sabhara member.

“In the end, Bripda Riski hit Bripka Mahadi on the cheek using his own hand and kicked the victim in the stomach and chest,” he said.

At that time Bripka Mahadi had said he was serving in Brimob. However, Bripda Riski paid no heed and continued to shower Mahadi with blows.

Local residents who witnessed the incident tried to intervene until Bripda Riski left the location. Meanwhile, Bripka Mahadi made a complaint to the Medan Tuntungan Police.

It is known that Bripda Riski is a member of the Ditsamapta Polda of North Sumatra and Bripka Mahadi is a member of the Mobile Brigade of the North Sumatra Police.

As a result of this incident, Bripka Mahadi received a bruise on his head. Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Medan Police, Kompol Teuku Fathir Mustafa, said that Bripka Mahadi was the victim of abuse and had made a report to the Medan Tuntungan Police.

“The trigger was an argument between the victim and the perpetrator which led to the beating. The injuries (Bripka MS) received were bruises on the head. Both are members of the National Police,” said Fathir, Wednesday (22/3/2023).

He also said that the Bripka MS report had been received and would be handled internally through Propam. Meanwhile for the criminal report at the Tuntungan Police.

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