Police charged nine people and two companies with a contract to eliminate environmental burdens

Czech Television (ČT) reported on the intervention in connection with the Litvínov landfill. Headquarters spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej confirmed the intervention, stating that the information on the case was provided by the Prague Public Prosecutor’s Office (VSZ).

VSZ chief Lenka Bradáčová later clarified that the police accused nine people and two companies of a public contract from the Ministry of Finance entitled “Measures to remedy old environmental burdens arising before the privatization of the Nelahozeves Kaučuk landfill to Unipetrol”.

“Prosecution is conducted for the following criminal offenses of general threat, fraud at the experimental stage, damage and threat to the environment and violation of regulations on competition rules,” said Bradáčová.

Celio’s landfill has burned repeatedly in the past. Last summer, the Czech Environmental Inspectorate (CEI) found barrels containing styrene pitches at Celia during an unannounced inspection. Based on this, she then decided to limit landfilling.

The inspectorate then informed that it had decided to reduce it due to the threat of an immediate serious impact on the environment. The danger of styrene lies in its high flammability.

The regional authority also decided to limit the landfill. The company Purum Kraft, to which the Celio landfill belongs, stated at the time that it was waste from the ongoing state contract, which concerns the Nelahozeves Kaučuk landfill of Unipetrol, stating that the contract was in full compliance with the integrated permit and operating rules.

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