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In Sydney and the surrounding area, which is struggling with the spread of a more contagious delta mutation, a strict closure has been in place for weeks and will last at least until the end of August. In part of Queensland, a three-day strict quarantine began today.

Authorities have sent a thousand police officers to the streets of Sydney to protest, urging taxi drivers and shared taxi drivers not to carry passengers to the demonstration. In the end, the demonstration did not take place, the Guardian server later informed. According to him, the local police recorded only isolated incidents.

Police closed Sydney center

Foto: Jane Wardell, Reuters

Last weekend, the protests ended with clashes with police and arrests. A July survey by Utting Research in New South Wales found that seven percent of the population supported the demonstration.

Adherence to measures against the spread of coronavirus is cited as one of the key factors why Australia has so far been successful in managing the covidu-19 pandemic. However, the country has very little vaccination coverage, as it relied on strict closures.

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