Police Distribute Face Sketches of Suspected Perpetrators in Subang’s Mother and Child Murder, Public Can Report

The place where the bodies of the mother and child murder cases were found in Subang, West Java. (Source: Kompas TV)

WEST JAVA, KOMPAS.TV The West Java Regional Police have distributed sketches of the faces of the alleged murderers of the mother and child perpetrators in Subang. Police stations throughout Indonesia have received sketches of the faces of the alleged perpetrators of the Subang murder.

“All regional police stations, to regional police throughout Indonesia as well (sketches are distributed),” said Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police, Police Commissioner Ibrahim Tompo, as quoted from Kompas.com, Saturday (22/1/2022).

Not only that, the police have also distributed sketches of the alleged perpetrators of the Subang killer to the public. Therefore, he asked the public who know or recognize the faces in the sketches to inform the nearest police force.

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The West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Suntana also ordered his staff to speed up the disclosure process, and targeted it at the beginning of 2022, but until now the perpetrators are still a mystery.

Even so, the General Criminal Investigation Unit of the West Java Police is still trying to reveal who the killer of the child and mother is.

This case has been taken over by the West Java Regional Police since November 15, 2021. The delegation of this case aims to streamline the investigation time and case investigation.

All conventional instructions and evidence that can assist the investigation will be digitally juxtaposed.

“The police have taken investigative steps including examining the crime scene 5 times, autopsies 2 twice, and having examined 69 witnesses,” said the General Criminal Investigation Directorate, Police Commissioner Yani Sudarto.

In addition, the police have also examined 7 expert witnesses and analyzed surveillance cameras or cameras closed cicuit televisi (CCTV) at 40-50 location points along 50 kilometers.

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