Police investigate poison-green river staining in Zurich


The otherwise so clear Limmat, suddenly poison green
Picture: dpa

Suddenly the river, which flows through the center of Zurich, was bathed in bright green. At the same time, activists on the shores drew attention to the problems of the climate crisis – now the police are investigating.

DThe otherwise so deep blue, popular with bathers Limmat in Zurich was suddenly poison green: After the color of the river, the police determined against unknown. It should be an action by climate activists, but the police had identified no suspects until Wednesday, a police spokesman said. Among other things, it will be examined whether the polluters can be asked to pay for the police operation.

Climate activists had drifted into the city center in the suddenly neon-green river on Tuesday afternoon. On the shore, they talked to passers-by about climate problems. After about half an hour, the color effect had disappeared. The group “Extinction Rebellion Zurich” published on Facebook a film of the action: “Rebellieren oder Untergehen”. In a second post, the group wrote: “The Limmat is green, this is not an exercise! Our water is in danger! “However, both contributions did not contain a clear commitment to the action.

The water had been stained with uranium, a water-soluble sodium salt, the police said. According to research conducted by the Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air (AWEL), it is harmless to humans and the environment. Nevertheless, the officials identified for possible violations of the Water Protection Act. Whether it comes to an indictment, decide the public prosecutor's office, communicated the police.

The Limmat is very popular with swimmers in summer - also because of its clear water

“Extinction Rebellion” (rebellion against extinction) has been attracting attention worldwide since the end of 2018 with spectacular protests. The grassroots movement with offshoots in various countries wants to bring governments to rethink climate policy.

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