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KPPS member

West Java regional police are currently investigating a hoax claiming that a member of the electoral committee (KPPS), who was assigned to monitor a polling station in Bandung, had died from poisoning.

The false news was first published by a Facebook account with the name of Doddy Fajar and a Twitter account called @ 5thsekali. The information stated that a KPPS officer, named Sita Fitriati, had died due to chemical poisoning. Since then, the hoax has spread exponentially on social media.

West Java regional police spokesman Commissioner Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko said they are investigating the false news and accounts associated with the spread. He also warns the public to double-check any type of information published on social media before disseminating it further.

Sita's family strongly denies the rumors of chemical poisoning. The family also took legal action by submitting a report to the Bandung City Police Department.

Source: Time
Image: Jabar Ekspres Online

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