Police Para will take tough action against lockdown violators and speed demons

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Para police will crack down on lockdown violators and speed demons. The Suriname Police Force announced this on Friday. The police have noticed that citizens flock to the reaction centers in their work area to party lavishly. Despite the covid-19 measures, dance parties are organized with well-known music formations.

The police of Para, with the support of other police units, will take a hard line against the partygoers, the owners or managers of the recreation resorts and the members of the music formations. Seizure of musical instruments and/or sound installations is not excluded. Violators will face hefty fines.

The police will also act against speed demons who hold illegal “care races” on the Desire Delano Bouterse Highway and on the Afobakkaweg. Drivers who commit these reprehensible acts are not only endangering themselves but also other road users and passive participants standing by the road watching these races.

The police will, within their legal powers, act harshly against the racers and spectators. The vehicles will be seized for re-examination as police experience shows that the vehicles’ engines are boosted to allow them to reach high speeds. Any citizen who exhibits misconduct on the public road endangers public order and safety in Suriname.

The police ask unnecessarily that everyone adheres to the covid-19 measures in force in Suriname.

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