Police respond to filming at the Walmart parking lot


Police are seen in the Capilano Walmart car park in Edmonton on Saturday 14 July 2019 after reports of a shootout.

MOIRA WYTON / Postmedia

The police responded to news of a shot in the parking lot of Capilano Walmart before 8 pm. Saturday.

Multiple police vehicles were seen in the store located at 101 Avenue and 53 Street. A part of the parking lot was isolated, but the shop remained open.

A victim was taken to the hospital after being hit on a full stomach. He was in stable condition the last time the police heard 9:30 in the afternoon.

Debris, including a shoe and a bag, could be seen scattered next to a white Chevrolet Impala.

Witnesses say the victim came out of the Impala and that two men were seen fighting in the parking lot before the shooting.

A suspect is in custody and the police are not looking for further suspicions, surveillance commander Justin Collis confirmed Saturday night.



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