Police Reveal Motives of Mother in Jepara Throwing 3 Months Baby into Well to Death


The police are currently still investigating the case of the death of a 3-month-old baby in a well that occurred in Balong, Jepara. Until now the police suspect that the baby was deliberately thrown by the mother.

The two parents of the baby have now been taken to the Jepara Police for questioning. From the examination it was revealed that the motive behind the woman named SD was to throw away her child.

“Because of economic factors and this baby often cries, is often fussy,” explained Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Jepara Police, AKP Ahmad Masdar Tohari to detikJateng by telephone, Friday (19/5/2023).

Tohari said the husband and wife came from a mediocre family. Economic factors are thought to be the motive for a mother to throw her own baby into the well.

He further explained that the baby was the second child of the couple MR and KD. While her first child is 7 years old. So far, MR has been supporting his family as a casual laborer.

Contacted separately, the Jepara Police Chief AKBP Wahyu Nugroho Setyawan said the baby’s parents were from pre-prosperous families. He even said that the baby who was thrown into the well was sick and cranky.

“So the information is because the child is sick and then fussy, then we also predict the economic impact of poor families,” said Wahyu.

“So there is despair, then the child is thrown into the well, leading to the mother, check further and we will determine further later,” Wahyu continued.

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