Police Reveal Results of Blood Check Driver Died in TransJ Accident in Cawang


Police check driver’s blood sample TransJakarta (TransJ), the victim died in a fatal accident involving 2 TransJakarta buses on Jl MT Haryono, Cawang, a few days ago. What are the results of the TransJ driver’s blood sample examination?

“For our driver, we have checked the blood sample,” said Head of Sub-Directorate for Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Argo Wiyono to reporters, Tuesday (26/10/2021).

In addition, the police conducted a post-mortem on the victim. The results of the examination, the TransJ bus driver was negative for drugs.

“From the temporary post-mortem, no addictive or psychotropic substances were found,” said Argo.

Previously, the police were still investigating the fatal accident involving two TransJakarta buses on Jl MT Haryono, Cawang, Central Jakarta. The police checked the blood sample of the TransJakarta driver, who was the victim of the accident.

“Checked the blood of the deceased (driver),” said Director of Traffic of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Sambodo Purnomo Yogo to reporters at the Gakkum building of the Ditlantas of Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Monday (25/10/2021).

One of the victims who died from the fatal accident was known to the driver TransJakarta which hit the TransJakarta bus in front of it. The driver was crushed when the bus he was driving hit the back of the TransJ bus in front of him.

According to Sambodo, checking the blood sample was carried out to determine whether there was alcohol or liquor content from the driver at the time of the accident.

“Is it influenced by drugs, alcohol, it’s in the blood test. But the results haven’t come out yet,” said Sambodo.

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The fatal accident occurred this morning at around 08.45 WIB. A total of 39 people were victims. A total of 37 people were injured and another person died.



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