Police saved a dog thrown by a child into a ravine, in Tolima

The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation reported, through your Twitter account, what the Police rescued the dog that was thrown several times by a small child into a ravine, in a fact that went viral on social networks.

There you see how a woman complains to the child to stop throwing the bitch, to which already there were shot 3 times.

“Tiago, don’t throw her away, she’s going to kill her. He’s already thrown it three times, daddy. Don’t you feel sorry for the dog? ”, The woman says to the child, in the recording broadcast on social networks.

The video was commented on by thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook. One of the people who reacted to this was the governor of Tolima, Ricardo Orozco, who through Facebook rejected the happened.

“One does not understand or understand that this can happen in our society. I have just requested the Tolima Police Department the pertinent actions and the most drastic sanctions for this person who allows this ruthless action against this defenseless being in the municipality of Rovira ”, wrote he governor, on that platform.

Possibly, the authorities managed to rescue the abused animal and they also made a wake-up call so that people, regardless of their age, are respectful of their pets.

“In such events it is necessary that local civil authorities carry out care, prevention and education actions aimed at strengthening the human-animal bond,” said the Prosecutor’s Office, on your Twitter account.

This is the trill of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation:


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